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Bank Foreclosures, 203k Loans Remodeling Contractors

The foreclosure market provides one of the best sources for contractors specials you'll find anywhere. Sometimes, foreclosure properties can become neglected before they go up for auction, or in other cases they may sit on the market as a REO or Bank owned property for an extended period of time without any owner to worry about keeping up the home's condition. As a result, many of them end up needing repairs. But the great thing about foreclosed homes is that they are already sold for a big discount, often anywhere from 30% to 60% below what they'd be worth on the open market in move-in condition. This presents a valuable opportunity to buy a home for a great low price, put in a little extra work, and have a property in market condition worth a huge increase over what you paid for it. NY1 Home Improvent specializes in foreclosure properties. ContacT NY1 Home Improvement with all your needs.

NY1 Home Remodeling helps ensure your properties are in the proper condition to list and sell quickly. We make property rehabilitation, restoration, tenant turns, repairs and maintenance simple and worry-free for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to save you time, money and resources, while providing high quality work. We offer a wide range of foreclosures/reo contractor services that can be utilized individually or integrated as a full solution depending on your unique needs. NY1 Home Improvement contractors help customers get 203K Loans. These loans allow clients to get the money they need to repair the property.

Buying a Home for the Right Price

Remember, buying a foreclosure special is all about savings. Even if you are not a handy person, a foreclosure special can still be a great investment. If you're serious about investing, talk to NY1 Home Improvement and bring them with you on an inspection of a property you're considering buying. We can help you see what's wrong with a property, and can give you estimates on the spot of what it will cost to repair. In many cases, there may be problems associated with a home you're not willing to take on. For example, many investors shy away from properties with structural or foundation problems. A cracked foundation can affect the entire building, and while this can be a difficult problem to spot, a contractor knows what to look for.

Foreclosure homes aren't just for those looking to do the work DIY. As long as you factor in the costs of hiring a contractor to help you and make sure you're profit margins are still where you want them, you can make some fantastic investments. The chances for discounts are just that big.

Local Expert Pros in Real Estate Investment Properties

We work with real estate investors to buy foreclosure properties, remodel and resell with profit. We are looking forward to doing business with real estate investors so we can flip houses and rehab/ foreclosure properties as well as property maintenance. We show consistent work ethic and are devoted to finishing the job in a high quality manner.